Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Growing up, we always had cranberry sauce with our Thanksgiving dinner.  Like many people, our cranberry sauce came straight from can, complete with the memorable ridges from being processed many months prior to the holiday season.  I was completely unaware people actually made cranberry sauce themselves until my sister made some one year for our family’s Thanksgiving.  Game-changer! In the years …

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This and That

San Diego: #TreatYoSelf Weekend Getaway

Y’all, there’s something remarkably calming and therapeutic about the ocean.  I was starting to feel a bit burned out with the daily grind of work, gym, homework, rinse and repeat, so I decided to take a solo trip to San Diego for some rejuvenation.  Even in October, the Phoenix heat can be exhausting.  In a true Parks and Rec, Tommy …

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