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San Diego: #TreatYoSelf Weekend Getaway

Y’all, there’s something remarkably calming and therapeutic about the ocean.  I was starting to feel a bit burned out with the daily grind of work, gym, homework, rinse and repeat, so I decided to take a solo trip to San Diego for some rejuvenation.  Even in October, the Phoenix heat can be exhausting.  In a true Parks and Rec, Tommy and Donna fashion, I had a #treatyoself weekend.

I stayed in Coronado at the iconic Hotel Del Coronado, which was absolutely stunning.  I ate some amazing food, met some really cool people, drank awesome wine, slept late, ran along the beach, and ate a life-changing breakfast burrito in Pacific Beach.  Long story short, San Diego is unbelievably gorgeous, and I can’t wait for an excuse to go back!

Living on the opposite side of the country from where I grew up means lots of uncharted territory for me to explore.  Call it wanderlust, but I love taking a trip somewhere new.  Whether it’s a short day-trip to somewhere here in Arizona, or a 5 hour drive to the California coast, it is always exciting.  More importantly, I think it’s good to do some exploring by yourself.  Here are a few of my favorite pics from my getaway (only a month late)!

Cloudy day at The Del 🙂
Stunning Pacific sunset
This is Andrew, the elevator operator for over 30 years! He remembers EVERYONE’S name.
Great view from Pacific Beach
Ocean for as far as the eyes could see!
Rocky beaches: we don’t have those on the South Carolina coast!



  1. susan storey

    Love your pictures.

    1. Shug

      Thank you! It was a great trip!

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