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Day Trip to Tucson

A few weeks ago I visited Tucson for the first time.  I explored downtown Tucson, Saguaro National Park, and the airplane graveyard just south of Tucson proper.  Sometimes it feels good to explore new places on your own and take in all the beauty of the desert.  The great part about Arizona is that we have such a variety of landscapes.  In just a couple hours, you can go from forests and snow-covered mountains, to lakes and pine trees, to cacti and desert. Here are a few of my favorite desert photos I was able to capture.

Fresh oranges were calling my name. Too bad I wasn’t tall enough to reach them…
Tucson Monastery was gorgeous.
The vivid mural on the side of this church wall caught my attention. Sometimes we need to be reminded to love each other.
I saw this mural on the side of an elementary school so I stopped to take a photo.
Love those clear blue Arizona skies.

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  1. susan storey

    Love your photographs.

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